Alessio Menconi – Jazz guitar player & teacher

Alessio Menconi

Jazz guitar player and teacher

Alessio Menconi was born in Genoa – Italy, he approached guitar when he was 10 as self-taught.
Considered a prodigy, he start in 1986 is professional career with best italian musicians.
In 1992 he won the award as “Best Soloist” in Gran Prix du Jazz”. In 1993 he participated in “Eddie Lang festival”contest (the most important competitions for guitarists in Italy), winning the first prize as best italian jazz guitarist.

In the same period Billy Cobham  wanted him since to play with him in several concerts..In the same year, he have been selected in Paris to play with “ONJ” (orchestre national du jazz) In 2003, He partecipated as only italian to the cd “Voodoo crossing-a tribute to Jimi Hendrix” with Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Hiram Bullock, Larry Coryell and many others.

Lately is leaded of his own trio and of his solo project with whom just made cds He is the jazz guitar teacher in the conservatory of music in  Genoa.
Actually is one of much important and wanted guitar player in Italy and other countries in Europe.

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Maestro Alessio Menconi also teaches privately. In order to always guarantee high quality teaching quality, a personal selection is made by each student. 
Following a private interview the candidate’s preparation and motivation is evaluated. For those who need further preparation, a preparatory path to Jazz guitar lessons will be indicated.

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