Historias – No Latin

“Historias” is the new album by Alessio Menconi produced by Nadir Music and released on 23 February with Egea distribution.

 The music is a mix of Latin Jazz, Ethnic and Italian compositions by Alessio. The record has excellent recording sound with a powerful groovy quartet (“ No Latin Quartet”) plus many illustrious Italian guests:  Elio, Faso, Christian Meyer, Gegè Telesforo, Nick The Nightfly, Dado Moroni, Simona Bencini, Federico Malaman, Ney Conceicao…

 Alessio’s words: 

 “My musical background is mainly jazz but I have always loved Brazilian and Latin American music.
I have played in those countries along with the best local musicians, absorbing their music concept. 
I have always enjoyed listening to the American pop music of the ’60s and’ 70s, especially music from the Los Angeles area. I have always dreamed of making a record that encompasses the United States, Latin America and Italy”

 Latin America has a great history of migrations, meetings of cultures and ethnic groups. Every song on this record has its stylistic collocation and its own “history”. Precisely for this reason I have decided to call it “Historias”.

The musicians:

  • Alessio Menconi – guitars, composition, arrangements, vocals
  • Elio – flute
  • Simona Bencini – voice
  • Valbilene Coutinho – voice
  • Gege Telesforo – voice
  • Nick the Nightfly – voice
  • Faso – bass
  • Ney Conceicao – bass
  • Dado Moroni – piano
  • Giuseppe Milici – harmonica
  • Christian Meyer – drums
  • Federico Malaman – bass
  • Fabio Valdemarin – keyboards-piano, voice
  • Gilson Silveira – percussion
  • Marco Fadda – percussion